Through personalised online 1-1 sessions, workshops & courses I provide a safe & inspiring space for you to explore the power of your own creativity, dive deeper and find a stronger meaning within your work, nurture a deeper connection to your designs and imbue a soulful quality to your aesthetic.

I offer a solution based approach to intentional design for brands, start-up’s & independent designers within the luxury fashion sector. With a 360 approach, I guide you through essential business planning, branding, design & product development, sampling & supply chain optimisation through to catwalk & portfolio. I digitally assist purpose driven brands & designers to Discover their Designer DNA to achieve financial & commercial success, set your own rules & create your own trends.

I know first hand how difficult it and be to get your head around the technical aspects of design, curating a collection & making sure it actually sells.

My vision is to empower designers to have stronger Design DNA, and ensure the privileges once reserved only for those with industry contacts are more readily available to newcomers. 

Whilst studying Fashion Print at Central Saint Martins I discovered the true power of mindset & having a holistic approach to design. It is my belief that Discovering your Designer DNA is the most important aspect of setting up a fashion label. The most successful brands have the Designer’s soul at the core of the brand, there is an innate connection. Embodying your core competencies into your designs, building the marketing into your aesthetic & employing a purpose driven brand approach are all imperative steps in operating a luxury fashion company. Your DNA should inform all of these.

My life in fashion industry has been transformative, and now im on a mission to share what I’ve learnt with the rest of the world. 

If you are looking to increase brand affinity, improve aesthetics targeting brand recognition, solidify purpose driven brand foundations, rework consumer interpretation of brand image & ultimately increase sales, get in touch! 

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